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It's insane how many of them there are!

par Eric Cotte
mise en ligne : 16 October 1998
Traduction : Kesk’y en a !

We see them more and more. We better not let them go on like that, or they’ll corrupt our youth, huh...

Man, it’s crazy how numerous they are! If there were statistics on those, I’m sure we’d find more and more of them. We let people do or say what they want, we’re too permissive, see the result now.

Just the other day, I was at a bar and there were two of them at a table. And they were talking loud too. They don’t even hide anymore or anything these days: in a bar!

And last week too, in the street, there was a whole group, with big signs and all, playing their music, making people sign petitions saying that we had to agree with their views and for politicians to listen to them. Hell no! It’s bad enough that they can do their dirty little business in the streets, what more do they want? They’re really not ashamed of anything anymore now...

Me, well you know me, I’m like very tolerant and I say people can think whatever they want and do whatever they want. But at home. In their room. With the door locked. There are limits! Cuz if we let them have their way, they’ll go around talking to everyone about it, trying to convince people to be like them. Better be careful with that.

And they always have this way of bugging you. They’re not even able to respect your own views. One day, I was in a night club and one of them came to me. Oh, I saw him coming, he was one of them alright. Just like I’m saying; he tried convincing me and all. I don’t know why I didn’t smack him in the face or something. Man, we can’t even be safe in a club now.

You know me, you know I don’t give a damn what people do with their ass. I don’t care and everybody’s free anyway. But those guys, those perverts, they’d like to know what’s going on in other people’s pants. And they even try to have the senate or something admit their lifestyle, no kidding! What kind of world is that?

And think about kids! Imagine the effect they can have on kids! Those guys, you give them some kids, well then you can be sure they’ll be just like them. That’s disgusting. Makes me wanna puke. Those poor innocent kids. I say, when they pray on children, it’s their lives they ruin. Jail, that’s where they belong! No mercy, I mean, think of it, kids!

And family values! What kind of family values do they bring and try to impose! Moral standards are low enough as it is.

But the worst, the really disgusting thing, it’s the votes on domestic partners and the military, you know. We learnt a great deal there about our politicians. We could see just how much of them there were in congress, the senate and stuff. And among democrats, it’s just insane how many of them there are! They have a wife and all, but they won’t admit that they’re one of them. They don’t say it openly, but you can see they’re trying to please those who are. See, you vote for people, but you don’t really know them and they go on to defend those kinds of perversions. I was so disappointed, I can tell you.

Well, you know me, I say what I think. Right now I think that’s the real scourge of modern societies, that kind of obsessed twisted not normal people. We’re way too tolerant. We’ve been much too kind to them so far.

Damn, it’s insane how many of them there are, those damn homophobic people!

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