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Le Pen is racist. It's about time everybody knew it!

par Eric Cotte
mise en ligne : 10 September 1998

Le Pen finally openly voiced his racist views. Good for him! Good for us!

"Yes, I do believe in the inequality of races!" Jean-Marie Le Pen, August 31st 1996.

"Olympic games show clearly inequalities between the back and white races concerning, for example, athletes, and runners in particular. It’s a fact. [...] I’m stating what I see. [...] Egalitarianism is simply absurd." Jean-Marie Le Pen, September 9th 1996.

I had to buy l’Humanite (official newspaper of the French Communist Party (PCF)) to find the exact words of the ugly fascist swine of the National Front (on page 12, too!). Damn it, it’s something that should be on the cover of all newspapers! Le Pen finally letting his racism show! It’s a great day!

For years, the National Front (Front National, or "FN" in French) has been building itself a respectable image, denying accusations of racism and xenophobia. For a few months, it has been suing all newspapers that brand it as a "right-wing extremist" or a "racist party" (and it’s been winning too).

We’ve reached the point where other parties court it, create alliances for some local elections and find common ground with it. Some people try explaining to us (why not?) that people voting for the National Front are not all racists and xenophobes, that they have just lost their way, that they’ve been fooled by the Front’s doublespeak.

Those days are gone: Le Pen himself proclaims his racism. We should give his words a lot of publicity, so that nobody can ignore them. Things will be clearer then: people still voting for him after that can be catalogued as racists. Politicians who will try to mingle with him will be more than whores without convictions, they’ll be racists. Media that will still invite him to attract some audience will be conveyers of racism. The courts that will grant him some legal victories will be proponents of racism! Let’s form sides!

Le Pen is not playing with words anymore? Great! Great as long as we do not downplay (as we are actually doing) his words and see them as a slip. We’ve had enough of this situation in which French people can’t see the difference between nationalist right-wing and extremist right-wing!

Let everybody know that the National Front has finally cut his ties with democracy. People won’t be able to find excuses for voting for it. A National Front ballot is a fascist ballot!

So, why aren’t Le Pen’s ugly words being repeated? I see only two reasons for that:

1. The media, who often made the FN look like nothing offensive, are taking the following ridiculous stance: "let’s not make people who vote for the FN feel guilty". On the contrary guilt is the last stalwart, for fragile and weak minds, against a taboo. Racism, xenophobia and anti-semitism, just like pedophilia and incest are taboo subjects.

2. They’d rather treat the FN with contempt. That’s a mistake: contempt is inaction, and inaction in the face of racism can only lead to defeat and shame. Fascism must be fought actively, first through speech, and then by acts if necessary.

Let’s not ruin this very first opportunity to use the explicitly racism words of the National Front. If we miss it, all efforts to show the real face

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