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Men are good. Period.

par Eric Cotte
mise en ligne : 18 February 1997

Maybe it’s worth going back to basics and reminding people of the fundamental difference between fascism and democracy.

So, what is this difference? It’s pretty simple and we all learnt it in school: fascism rests on a pessimistic vision of human nature and democracy rests on an optimistic one. According to fascists, men are bad, and their decisions are dangerous for the survival of the species. Their range of choices therefore needs to be controlled, restricted, destroyed. They must be manipulated and dominated (the notion of "boss"). [You’ll note that through some strange psychotic transfer, fascists do not think that "Men are bad", but that "Others are bad". Fascism starts with self-hatred, but a self-hatred that is always rejected on others, on some so-called "inferior people" (be it Jews, Black people, social parasites, bad citizensÉ).] According to proponents of democracy, men are good, and their decisions are good. They must be encouraged and we must foster the transmission of the culture and knowledge that will allow them to find better solutions.

Then, things are clear: demagogy, as a denial of free choice, is fascism. Culture and pedagogy are democratic. Capitalism, when perceived as a way for people to blossom, is democratic. When it’s seen as a way to squash and dominate others, or when advertising uses manipulation and repetition (one of the bases of manipulation), it’s fascism.

Proponents of democracy have the following view: Men are good "a priori", their contact is enriching and human relations are based on trust/confidence. In a society where social ties are sacrificed in the name of competition, solidarity is sacrificed in the name of individualism, and friendship sinks in a sea of rivalry, keeping faith in Others is a never-ending fight.

That’s the first step against fascism.

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