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Tomorrow will always be tomorrow

par Eric Cotte
mise en ligne : 16 September 1996

Optimism is in the air and our chief of state’s tongue is in fake leather.

Tomorrow, yeeha, everything will be A-OK! All the experts point to it and make us see that the end of the tunnel is in sight, while we tread the shining path that leads us into the valley of glorious tomorrows. We’re about to get out of the rut as we can see the sun shining at the end of the tunnel (did I use that image before? Oh, it must be due to an excess of joy on my part). Unemployment will stop being endemic and will be merely residual. The crisis will stop being systemic and will be but a bad memory.

Tomorrow will be better than today.

Tomorrow, taxes will be free, and the deficit will be drowned in a wave of ease. Tomorrow, poor people will be rich, we’ll enjoy without restraints, and we’ll get dividends from our past sacrifices. Tomorrow, we shall be paid in stock-options and retire with hedge-funds in our pockets. Tomorrow, the police will demonstrate on our side. Tomorrow, new technologies will be ever newer and bio-technologies will be ever more "bio".

Tomorrow she shall have a seat at the party of growth.

Tomorrow, we shall be World Cup Champions every year, we shall bask under the eclipse every month, and it will be the Millenium’s eve party every evening.

Ok, maybe "tomorrow" won’t be the day after today. "Tomorrow" might be at the end of the year or in ten years. And "Tomorrow" won’t come everywhere and at the same time for everyone either.

It might be even more complicated than that. Today, we have to make the very last sacrifices needed in order for things to get better tomorrow. Things should pick up tomorrow: expect sacrifices to "help" things pick up, to welcome the return of glorious days (had they ever come before?)

So, the day after tomorrow, yeeha, things will be A-OK! Oh, not so fast: a few more last sacrifices to help growth. But then, the day after the day after tomorrow we shall reap the fruits of growth, right? Well, not exactly; if we go on like that, there’ll be too much inflation! Clearly, if we do not make sacrifices the day after the day after tomorrow, we could put the growth of the following days in jeopardy (you bunch of irresponsible people!)

Still, one thing is for sure: tomorrow is ahead of us, and we just need to keep heading that way.

Tomorrow’s the day we get free lunches.

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